The race itself

Common questions and confusions about the purpose and procedures of the race.

Do I have to be on a team?

Well no, but you won’t have much fun. The urban race is designed to be completed by teams of 2 – 4. You’ll need a team to complete all the activities and challenges, so if you race solo, you won’t win.

What is the maximum team size?

We recommend team sizes of 2-4 people. Any larger, and it becomes difficult to complete all challenges in a timely manner. Plus, the bigger the team, the more the prizes get divided up.

Is this event family friendly?

Absolutely. We do our best to make sure our challenges and activities are appropriate for all ages.

However, please keep in mind that this is Deep Ellum, and we are unable to control every aspect of the neighborhood.

What is the age limit to participate?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate without an adult. If you are under 18, you must be on a team with either your parent or a legal guardian.

Can I use a bike, roller blades, taxi, etc. to get around?

Nope. All modes of transportation are prohibited except for travel by foot. If you are caught using transportation other than your feet, you will be heavily penalized and possibly disqualified.

How far is the race?

This is not a standard running race. Your path, and distance traveled will vary drastically based on choices your team makes and clues you solve.

With that said, most of the race will take place within the Deep Ellum neighborhood, which is about 1 mile long.

How much time does the race take?

The amount of time you spend at the race also depends on your team and how quick your clue solving skills are. The majority of teams will finish in a couple hours.

Registration/packet pickup

Questions specific to registering a team, checking in on race day, and the technical side of getting set up to compete.

Do I have to pick up my race packet on Friday?

No, you are not required to pick up your race packet the night before, although it is highly recommended. We provide this additional pickup time to make the morning of the race a little easier for both you and us. If you pick up your packet the night before, you do not need to arrive as early on race day, and you save time in the check-in line.

What time should I arrive on race day?

Check-in and packet pickup will run from 8:45-9:45am. You should arrive with plenty of time to park, fill out necessary documents. Keep in mind there could possibly be a wait at check-in if everyone shows up at the same time, so the earlier the better.

The race will begin at 10am on the dot. No excuses, no delays to wait for a team to check-in. 10am.

What time does the race actually start?

10am. Period.

If you’re late, you’re late.

If you pull your groin pulling on your vintage 80s cut-off jean shorts, let us know. We’ll call an ambulance for you, start the race at 10am, and you can join us at the after party. Sorry about your groin.

Do all team tickets need to be purchased at the same time?

You can purchase tickets for your entire team at once, or just for yourself. The choice is yours.

If a team’s tickets are purchased separately, make sure each participant enters the same team name at checkout.

Misc. Questions

Where do I park?

There will be some parking spots available in our lot, as well as free street parking on the side of our building on Taylor St. There is also metered street parking on most side streets, so bring a couple dollars in change just in case.

The Baylor Dart station is only a few blocks away if you prefer public transit.

How do I become a sponsor?

Becoming a race sponsor is a great way to support your local community and get your business name out there at the same time.

We offer sponsorships of many levels. Please contact us at info@deepellumurbanrace.com for more details.

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